Sunday was a busy writing day.  Finished the middle draft of a 7,000 word story, and helped my partner edit a research article on Asian American art.  Now, I’ll let the story sit for a few days before peeking at it and probably running from the apartment screaming.

I’m working at being more prolific, which doesn’t mean I’m allowing myself to write crap. I’m trying to focus in short bursts, get more on the page.

Got 3,000 words down today. Gibberish, but gibberish that knows where it’s going, kind of like a determined drunk, I imagine.

Am now heading to the Tokyo Hacker Space to try out a new writer’s workshop. The one I usually attend is on summer hiatus.


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  1. I love the name of your blog. Enjoy Tokyo…the public transit system is eerily quiet, isn’t it? I’ve never quite experienced anything like it; so many people, no leering, no noise, just ipods and backwards books. Good luck with your fiction.

  2. Phillip Spencer Says:

    Hi, Came here after looking at a story of yours on OWW. Another OWWer recently introduced me to the work of Haruki Murakami and I have just read “Norwegian Wood”. The photo here is just how I imagined the “Kobayashi Bookshop” would have looked like when it was open.

    • Hi Phillip,

      Thanks for coming by! Despite its high-tech image, Japan still has a surprisingly robust
      print life, lots of rundown used bookstores, healthy newspapers, etc. What did you think of Norwegian
      Wood? If you haven’t read it already, I’d recommend Murakami’s Underground, non-fiction about the Aum subway attacks.

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