edithnesbitTwo ghost stories tonight. The first is “Mansize in Marble,” a rather sad tale by children’s author Edith Nesbit. Nesbit, often mistaken for the girl-in-the-red-velvet swing, Evelyn Nesbit, was the original J.K. Rowling.

The second is a The Roll Call of the Reef by Arthur Quiller-Couch, very enjoyable mainly for the incredibly cool combination lock that serves as a major plot point. Quiller-Couch was a much emulated writer of his time, and wrote this essay on writing in 1916. He wrote under the name “Q” which is about as cool as you can get, was Alistair Cook’s teacher at Oxford, and was an all around eccentric known for purple prose.

At any rate, am getting sleepy, and need to get to bed and read more ghost stories. 6 more days till Halloween.


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