31/31 "Listen to the Silence" by ?

muirListen to the Silence is a dark take on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. An aging spinster finally decides to end her media dependency and turn off the radio for good. In doing so, however, she is faced with the alternative of growing a tad too in touch with her inner self.

I could say that it’s commentary on the narcissist tendencies evinced by those who protest too much about the boob tube or the radio, a parable about the danger of eschewing outside voices for the prospect of internal validation. This is a single woman, lonely, but supporting herself. We expect the ghost to help her take charge of her life, but instead he takes charge of her. It is the grandfather, after all, who’s had the adventures. He’s simply headhunted her as a secretary of sorts, dictating his narrative as she grows weak and malnourished. Her choices are limited to two: return to the anesthetizing voices of modernity or retreat to the control of a patriarchal ghost.

Give me media oblivion any day. At least I’ll have control of the dial.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is a far more liberating tale. Gene Tierney still gets her life, the captain’s stories are in fact sexually freeing, they provide income and sustenance rather than starvation.

I’m unable to find out the name of the author and can’t research his or her background. The broadcast begins immediately with exposition. If anyone knows, I’d be grateful.

Today’s story was found on Relic Radio, another great OTR site.

And no, FCC, they aren’t paying me. They’re just terrific.



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