Your literature is too trendy. Oh, wait! So are we!

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize from the same organization that just a year ago dismissed American literature. American writers, they said “are too sensitive to trends in their own mass culture.”

I think we can say the tables have turned.

Yes, I voted for Obama in the general election, even if I feared he was a tad too conciliatory to the party who had made a mess of foreign policy, our finances, and our rights. I did not do so because of overwhelming and disappointing pseudo leftist concerns about America’s image in the world, a topic that when it came up — and it often did when the music was Sufjan Stephens and the clothes were vintage — made me suspect that what people were really fretting over the prospect of an unpleasant backpacking trip through Europe.

Congratulations to the President, I guess.  I’ll thrill to see the wing-nuts froth at the mouth once again. Obviously this will lend credence to their U.N. conspiracy theories. But I fear this development will only help feed the delusions of  those conflict resolution addled, and often narcissistic, members of my generation and below who have mistaken compromise for a virtue.

And I wouldn’t tear those maple leaves off of your backpacks just yet.


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