Switching Allegiances

Picture 9Some change toothpaste brands; some move to the other side of the political aisle or become apostates. Being non-religious, and a loyalist to Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, I shall switch notebooks.

A while back, trendiness be damned, I was a moleskine nut. For as much nastiness as I hurled at hipsters with their stylishly crumpled cans of Blue Ribbon and designer teas, the moleskine notebook was something I cherished.

Then they became popular, not a problem, except that it lead to their manufacture in China, and a detectable lapse in quality. My partner and my earlier moleskines are still in good shape, the later ones with their torn skin and bent spines? Not so much.

We began considering alternatives. My partner took the plunge into her first Piccadilly. Her reasoning? It’s made in China, so is the moleskine, and this one is a third of what the moleskine costs.

More recently, we’ve done some research, and found this superb website whose mission it is to search the world for the perfect black cover notebook. They too gave the Piccadilly a thumbs up over the moleskine.

So there it is, I’m switching, for awhile at least. Since we’re moving back to Japan, where there will be a fresh stack of temptation in those hundred upon hundreds of unique and tasteful bunboguya, I doubt it will last long.


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