31/31 Day 2: The Diver by A.J. Alan

diver on envelope by Skellis

diver on envelope

A.J. Alan (Leslie Lambert) was a radio announcer known for wearing full evening regalia to the studio. There, he would sit hunched close to the “magnetophone,” cue cards in hand, and a candle nearby in case the lights went out. He refused to do more than 5 broadcasts per year, preferring that his stories not be diluted.

The pseudonym was cover for another identity, two actually – magician and cryptographer for none other than the enigma project. His name was revealed after his death at Bletchley park in 1941.

The Diver is another from the Great Ghost Stories Anthology, but is available through Project Gutenberg of Australia. This one too has a queer tinge to it, taking place at a swimming-bath, where the narrator doth protest too much: “I usually go late, when the rush is over and it’s fairly quiet. People come and practice diving, and sometimes they are worth watching – and sometimes not. That’s the sort of place it is, and if you know of anywhere less likely to be haunted I should like to see it.”

Luncheons and bathhouses and ghosts, oh my…


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